You Should Be Watching…

BAMF Girls Club.

Because if you don’t, Katniss will make you pay. Either that, or Bella will cry on you.

All your favorite badass motherf**king women…and Bella…in one house! BAMF Girls Club is a webseries hosted on Comediva, a site that “creates and showcases original video and editorial content for women.” It’s created and written by Vickie Toro and directed by Emily McGregor, two of Comediva’s central team, and the cast are a mix of funny women with various credits (and talents) behind them.

It would be easy for this concept to fall apart in the wrong hands, but this show makes full and intelligent use of the characters and their inherent humour. It’s pretty clear they love these girls (maybe even Bella, who’s played to comedic perfection by Stephanie Bentley) and appreciate just how BAMF they really are in six (well, five) very different ways. So if you ever wanted to know what it would be like to houseshare with a zombie apocalypse survivor, or how Hermione might cope with Lisbeth Salander, look no further than episode one of BAMF Girls Club: