You Should Be Reading…

The Mary Sue.

A self-styled “guide to geek girl culture,” The Mary Sue is a lexicon of information about women and/in the geek world. The clue is in the name, an ironic reference to the Mary Sue trope. The site’s focus is creating safe spaces for girls to geek out online “because all we really want is to just be able to geek out with all geeks, of any gender, without feeling like our femininity is front and center for scrutinization.

It’s refreshing to have a site dedicated to the female perspective and somewhere to highlight the achievements of women in a culture that is very traditionally male; a culture where women can be called out and bullied for not measuring up to indeterminate standards of ‘geekiness.’ Their site logo cycles through different female icons, from Wonder Woman to the Scooby Gang’s Velma to The Bride of Kill Bill fame, and the scope of these characters does well to represent that their readers are just as varied.

With a mixture of news, features, reviews, and odds and bobs on every subject under the geeky sun, The Mary Sue is the kind of site that you check daily and fall a little more in love with every time.