You Should Be Reading…

Fashionably Geek.

The clue is in the name. Dedicated to all things both geeky and fashionable, Fashionably Geek scours the web for the best in nerd, gamer and cosplay clothing and accessories. Looking for an R2-D2 skirt or a Wookie onesie? Pants with Dark Vadar’s face on? Loki-themed jewellery? Fashionably Geek has more nerd-friendly attire than you can shake a lightsaber at.

Fashionably Geek also highlights the best cosplay costumes from across the net, as well as featuring weekly t-shirts. There’s even a Fashionably Geek shop in case you get the sudden urge to spend spend spend (you will). A vital one-stop-shop for anyone who thinks they need to add more geek to the chic in their wardrobe. I love this place.