Soundtrack of the Day: Attack The Block

Attack The Block was released on DVD last month, which seems like a perfect time to highlight the soundtrack, an oxymoron of dubstep-inspired beats, kitsch and orchestral twists.

The Block

Created by Steve Price and Basement Jaxx (house music legends Felix Burton and Simon Ratcliffe), the soundtrack meanders between modern and old-school, mixing dubstep with the wibbly B-movie aesthetic of theremins and sudden bursts of orchestral brass. Despite a production that makes it sound rather epic, it fits seemlessly into the contained world of the film, adding an extra level of sci-fi to some scenes whilst cranking up the inner-city urban feel of others.

Tracks like Get That Snitch involve outside artists – in this case Mikis Michaelides and Doc Brown (as well as one of the film’s cast, Jumayn Hunter), who work on “comedy music” – and here too we merge different genres. In this case it’s urban music and humour, though the effect is subtle; Get That Snitch appears several times in the film, with a heavy focus on the chorus and its refrain of get that snitch, get the strap, don’t give a fuck, brap brap brap. It’s yet another play on stereotypes and, like everything in Attack The Block, the way things seem is not the way they really are. The lyric fuck around, you’ll get your face eaten off is, in light of the film itself, particularly clever. The song is quality, a pseudo-parody of urban music with a humorous twist, and a brilliant addition to the soundtrack, echoing the rest of it perfectly.

Get That Snitch

The soundtrack to Attack The Block is the perfect accessory to a brilliant film, an homage to science fiction sounds and emerging UK music, reflecting perfectly the mix of underground and intergalactic that the film encompasses.