I, Frankenstein – Review

ifrankenstein1 I, Frankenstein – Review

I, Frankenstein is one-part Mary Shelley to three-thousand-parts “makers of the Underworld quadrilogy”. Apart from Frankenstein’s monster – here named Adam and unbelievably ripped for a quasi-zombie – there’s little to link it with the titular novel.

Eckhart is as good as the material lets him be, with his abs there to help out, and bombastic CGI set pieces do something for it, but it’s killed by endless exposition and a bizarre plot.

Its saving grace will be the people who enjoy it for all the reasons listed above – and those for whom it will become a guilty pleasure.

TL;DR: Not the worst movie ever made, but far, far removed from the best. Sit back and accept I, Frankenstein for what it is – a camply fun, gothic action film that embraces all the cliches of the genre and then some – and you’ll have an alright time.

Rating: 1/5

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