National Television Awards 2011: Live Blog

I’ll be live blogging ITV’s coverage of the 2011 NTAs throughout the evening. To say I’m excited is an understatement so heinous you would have been executed for it under Henry VIII.


CONCLUSIONS: I think it’s obvious from my incoherence that I don’t agree with the winners of Best Drama or Best Drama Performance. Even if I am biased (which I am), Benedict Cumberbatch (Best Drama Performance) produced the kind of second-skin performance given by the very best whereas, even if David Jason is a good actor with a classic role, it’s something he’s been doing for years. That’s a second-skin role because he knows it inside out. Cumberbatch is portraying the kind of unique character that means you can’t emulate the general populace when you play them. Sherlock Holmes is not an everyman, and he’s certainly nothing like Cumberbatch appears to be–illustrative quote: “I think winning is just… yeah, it would be the icing on the cake but I’m very happy just to have the cake for now.” These are not the words of a high-functioning sociopath (although Sherlock doesn’t really seem to be either, but that’s a whole other post). As for Best Drama–even the dialogue in the clips showed Waterloo Road off as the weakest of the four. Even if it’s good it’s nothing special, which I think is where the error really shows. All the other three have something different to offer, whereas if I want to watch a show set in a school I can just as easily poodle off to 4OD and watch Teachers as i-player Waterloo Road.

Overall the night was patchy–some winners that felt deserved versus results where you could really tell that it was an audience vote. Let’s hope that the TV BAFTAs give us something to cheer about.

9.46 onwards: My internet went down, probably in protest at the results. What did I miss? Oh, only one thing, apparently. BEST SERIAL DRAMAEastenders. From what I hear, Coronation-Tram-Disaster-Live-Episode-Lots-of-Money-Street didn’t look too happy.

9.40: I’ve come back to ITV to find a Bruce Forsyth montage. Lifetime Achievement Award?

9.37: Maybe Andrew Stone should have won Best Drama Programme.

9.34: Watching Louie Spence’s Showbusiness during the break to calm myself. Andrew Stone’s complete unawareness of himself couldn’t fail to cheer anybody.

9.32: For the uneducated, that was a KEYBOARD SMASH OF RAGE.

9.31: jfkldnbsngnndjnbgbbdgns

9.26: BEST DRAMA PERFORMANCE And the winner is…David Jason.

9.25: BEST DRAMA PERFORMANCE I’m not joking, my heartbeat has just sped up. SO NERVOUS. Benedict is a tour de force and a wonderful actor, even if I am biased. My hands are shaking.

9.22: Do you mean the heart and soul that he sold to the Devil, Cheryl?

9.22: Mark Gatiss is tweeting. I am falling further in love with him.

9.20: BEST TALENT SHOW And the winner is…The X Factor. Oh gosh, how marvellous. LOL JK.

9.19: BEST TALENT SHOW This foreboding music goes very well with Piers Morgan’s face.

9.16: BEST TALENT SHOW Small children presenting an award makes me nervous.

9.13: Virign Atlantic advert channelling James Bond, followed by Midsomer Murders. The dichotomy of ITV coverage.

9.08: James May making ill-advised comments. Jeremy Clarkson being mean to him. Richard Hammond laughing in the background. It’s like an episode of Top Gear on stage.

9.07: BEST FACTUAL PROGRAMME And the winner is…Top Gear! I can definitely live with that.

9.05: BEST FACTUAL PROGRAMME Horrifically torn. Love Top Gear. Love Celebrity Masterchef. Amazing shot of a pastry lying dismembered on the floor, accompanied by dramatic score.

8.59: Matt Cardle seems to be channelling Beelzebub.

8.57: NEW BT ADVERT. Say what you like, adverts make an impression.

8.52: BEST TOPICAL MAGAZINE SHOW And the winner is…This Morning. Holly Willoughby looks gorgeous. Gino Di Campo is crying because he knows he’s going to be naked on national television at some point soon.

8.49: BEST TOPICAL MAGAZINE SHOW Seriously, I kind of don’t care, I am overwhelmed by the handsome cricketer.

8.47: Wikipedia has informed me that yes, Ant and Dec really have won it ten years in a row. In other news, I never knew cricketers could be so gorgeous.

8.45: Someone in the gallery is having a heart attack about running over.

8.44: Aw, besties for life. Although seriously, shush now.

8.41: BEST ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTER And the winner is…Ant and Dec. AGAIN. Okay, I can’t hate them, they’re a staple of my childhood.

8.39: The wunning. Time away from Jonathon Ross has actually made me miss him. A bit.

8.38: ITV Drama Premieres advert with Alex Kingston!

8.32: BEST SERIAL DRAMA PERFORMANCE And the winner is…Lacey Turner. Excellent! She was my favourite surprise of Being Human 3.01.

8.30: BEST SERIAL DRAMA PERFORMANCE Lacey Turner proved her acting credentials in Being Human.

8.28: Oh god. Surely it’s only a matter of moments until Andrew Stone turns up? The real life David Brent. ITV prove they still haven’t grasped how to film large choreographed numbers.

8.26: The music for An Education being used for an advert has soothed me somewhat, but the rage lives on.

8.24: Still in shock over Sherlock. This would never have happened on the BBC.

8.18: BEST DIGITAL CHOICE And the winner is…The Inbetweeners. Well at least something tonight has made sense.

8.17: Rufus Sewell will heal the hurt.

8.15: Let’s hope they read out the wrong name. Or I’m dreaming.

8.11: BEST DRAMA And the winner is…Waterloo Road. Literally, WHAT.

8.09: BEST DRAMA Obviously I want Sherlock to win, seeing as I know the entire series back to front, upside down and inside out.

8.07: BEST DRAMA …but first, a section on the Chilean miners. Do you think they’ll mention the one with the mistress?

8.04: Crossing my fingers for The Inbetweeners. Glee is…well, it’s certainly a very full programme. Peter Andre seems nice but–no. Not for a television award.

8.01: BEST NEWCOMER And the winner is…Ricky Norwood. Nice speech though.

7.59: BEST NEWCOMER To be entirely honest, I don’t know who any of these people are.

7.57: No “hohmm”! Stacey, you’re in trouble.

7.55: BEST ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMME And the winner is…I’m A Celebrity. Waiting for Stacey to go “hohmm,” like she promised she would on the Chris Moyles show.

7.53: BEST ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMME Ah, QI. You have my heart forever and always. Although Gillian McKeith “fainting” is always an enjoyable moment. Such a wonderful actress!

7.51: Knew Dermot would point out Benedict (Cumberbatch) first. BECAUSE HE’S AWESOME. Looking beautifully ginger, as usual.

7.48: Googling Benidorm tells me that there have been three series, all of which I seem to have missed.

7.47: Not entirely relevant but the new Innocent Smoothie advert is a work of genius.

7.43: BEST COMEDY: And the winner is…Benidorm. Apparently.

7.39: BEST COMEDY: Rooting for Outnumbered. Those kids are the children I would theoretically want to have, if I actually wanted any.

7.37: Shaun Ryder has obviously taken some sartorial advice from Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch. Approved.

7.31: Does this mean that Dermot O’Leary is now an official companion?

7.30: Dermot O’Leary is in the TARDIS. Literally. THIS IS UNEXPECTEDLY AMAZING.