International Women’s Day: You Should Be Watching

What better excuse than International Women’s Day to count down the women you should be watching on TV? Here are three (four) who lit up our screens in 2012…

Vod & Oregon
Zawe Ashton & Charlotte Ritchie / Fresh Meat
Vod made this list last year, but it seems wrong to ignore the  incredible bromance between her and her fellow housemate Oregon. So very far from peas in a pod, they’re the proof that opposites do attract. There’s something wonderfully sweet about Vod’s self-awareness contrasted with Oregon’s inability to be herself, and their banter flips between crude and oddly existential. In a TV landscape where female friendship is few and far between, these two are a breath of very fresh air.

Joan Watson
Lucy Liu / Elementary
Joan Watson has come out the other side of the furore that surrounded her when Liu’s casting was announced, and she’s emerged triumphant. In the middle of an uphill battle, Joan has been revealed as funny and competent, interesting and intelligent. It’s not perfect – she’s so solidly drawn that the show could easily push her further and fails to do so – but she’s certainly something new and promising, both to the Holmes & Watson dynamic and to the women we see on television in general.

Alex Millar
Kate Bracken / Being Human
Last year it was Annie who made this list, but following her departure at the end of series four it’s newly-created Alex who stepped in to fill the gap. It’s always a good sign when you’re desperate for a character to make the jump to series regular, and Alex had only been around for two episodes before she felt crucial to the show. She’s funny and feisty without any of the tropes that haunts those traits, navigating kindess, humour, and – vitality – humanity with deftness and flair. It’s almost impossible to step in for a well-loved character, but Alex is everything Being Human needed, and more.