A Love Letter To… Hook

hook1 636x310 A Love Letter To… Hook

How do you write a love letter to a film that made up so much of your childhood, yet can never be seen in quite the same way again?

So the loss of Robin Williams has tinged our childhood nostalgia with something new. His films have formed so much of us that we didn’t see it until now, when the presence of him in our early memories is a comfort and yet, at the same time, a little burst of sadness. Catching his films on Sunday afternoons will be a reason to smile and a reminder of something lost. Lines we might not have noticed will take on more meaning (“I was afraid of growing up because everyone who grows up has to die some day”).

But then, that sadness isn’t the point of a love letter. A man who made us laugh so much and for so long should be remembered with the smiles he gave us and the joy we felt – and we still feel – when we watch his films. Prevailing critical opinions seems to hold that Hook is not the best effort from either Williams or the director Spielberg; but these are the opinions of adults who are, as we all know, “pirates”.

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